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BLACK LEGION: ‘Forbidden Lore’ Interview

It’s interview season, among other things. This weekend has a biggie with the Independent Characters, who are always super-lovely. This was for their Forbidden Lore section, discussing BLACK LEGION and the themes of the series, as well as a few things about the nuts and bolts of life as a Chaos Marine.

Behold! 2017’s BLACK LEGION Forbidden Lore interview. It starts at 2hrs 49mins into the show. (Direct link for convenience.)

And if that rocked and/or rolled for you (and if you’ve not heard the preceding segment before), here’s 2014’s THE TALON OF HORUS Forbidden Lore interview. It starts at 1hr 35mins into the show. (Direct link for convenience.)

Please note, three years between novels of a series is unprofessional and insane and I apologise and OHGODSOSLOW.


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  1. Recently bought Talon of Horus here in South Africa, Warhammer scene here isnt very big in my region and the books I’ve collected over the years are a bunch of miss-matched series here and there. I love the cover of Talon and I’ll be reading it after Kyme’s Rebirth, which, lucky for me, also slightly featured The Black Legion. Hope I’ll do you proud in the review afterwards. This will be my first book done by your hand. Good day.

    Comment by savageddt | December 3, 2017 | Reply

  2. Throne in Blood, Aaron! Stop apologizing so much for taking so long on your novels. One mustn’t rush greatness; even Abaddon understands that sometimes the path to victory lies in the Long War, not the shallow or hasty battles in between.

    Comment by Kyle Nguyen | December 4, 2017 | Reply

  3. Great interview as always! There was a mention of a blog post on this blog about chaos space marines which piqued my interest. Karl said he’d provide a link but did not, not that surprisingly. I scrolled through a few years of posts but didn’t find the one mentioned. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much!

    Comment by Eric | December 4, 2017 | Reply

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