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Siege of Terra Interview!

I can’t stand watching myself in these things, and I can’t remember what I said in any of it, so… enjoy!

May 15, 2019 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Great Interview ADB.

    Now that the series is ‘ending’ (in a way), what projects do you have now both for GW and non GW stuff?

    Will you be doing some more comics, or maybe a novel in your own universe, or even something in Age of Sigmar….?!

    Best Dude. Night Lords Rule.

    (can’t comment on youtube vid so that’s why posting here)

    Comment by misomiso82 | May 15, 2019 | Reply

  2. The Siege of Terra. I can’t wait to see what role Eldrad, Vulkan and others will be doing.

    Onto what I reminded of, what is your opinion on the Perpetuals? Particularly Ollanius as one of the Perpetuals. Gav Thorpe said we will see more of the Perpetuals with the Siege of Terra. I loved reading about Vulkan.

    I hope you don’t mind this. Sorry for that big scan in the other part of your blog.

    Night, Aaron.

    Comment by Unspeakable Gaming | May 18, 2019 | Reply

  3. Ruven,

    Do you remember when I said if you failed me or the 8th legion again I’d ask one simple task? Sadly it’s come to that, and here is the task.

    Open your eyes brother.

    Comment by kchurd | August 14, 2019 | Reply

  4. So… What’s next? Probably not the Scouring as the Scouring not just represents the near-destruction of the Traitor Legions but also the destruction and eradication of anything associated with them and any knowledge that would be thought to lead to Chaos or otherwise be viewed as subversive by an increasingly paranoid and authoritarian Imperium.

    All that would be realistically left during this part of history would be fragments and contradictory accounts amended and debated millennia later by propagandists and historical revisionists on both sides.

    The mystery surrounding this period has its own special kind of allure.

    Having said this, to watch how the Imperium attempts to rebuild itself from this traumatic event would be interesting. Not to mention we would begin to see the seeds of the Imperial Cult take root, the clash between this and the then secular Imperial Truth and observe how the ensuing hysteria and depression is taken advantage of by ruthless political and religious opportunists. Not to mention, it would be interesting to observe how xenos races viewed the Horus Heresy and the void and lack of immediate direction created in the immediate aftermath.

    Lore wise, there are plenty of other areas that could do with further expansion such as the Nova Terra Interregnum, the Age of Apostasy and subsequent Age of Redemption.

    Comment by Phil J | September 26, 2019 | Reply

  5. Bit of a random question, but did you have any colour scheme or lore in mind for the Legio Maledictis of Crythe Primus that featured in the first Night Lords novel?

    Comment by Ali | June 11, 2020 | Reply

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