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Black Library Weekender 2017

Another BL Weekender done and dusted. I’ve already sent my thanks to the various staff that made it happen, but I wanted to add a thanks here to everyone who came – it was a good one, and I’d originally considered giving it a miss with how slow my release schedule is lately. Instead I bit the bullet and bounced along, and I’m glad I did.

And now I shall briefly surface from the word count mines. I BRING YOU PICS AND WHATEVER.

Here is me in C L Werner’s hat, just before the Writing About Antiheroes panel. My prediction was that I’d look like “a fucking toolbox” (this came true) and yet cowboy hats remain one of my absolute favourite items of clothing, and if I could wear one every day, I totally would. Even while on Skype to my editors. Even while sleeping. Even in the shower.


“I feel like a little girl in a big man’s hat.” — NYT-bestselling author Aaron Dembski-Bowden, circa 2017.

I’m sorry, just one more of me in the hat.

God, I loved that hat.


Here’s Lottie (who is lovely and babysat me, like, all weekend – promote that woman, please) taking the other photo.

I’m sorry I didn’t get any actual decent photos and that I have no thrilling release news, here.


What else…

Oh, look. Here’s a photo of me an hour after the Weekender finished. We went to our friends’ house for tea while we waited for our taxi (Hi Gayle, Hi Simon) and then I almost immediately fell asleep.

In a lifetime of unattractive photos, this one definitely earns a place high up in the pantheon.


I also got loads of sweets. This part of the haul came from two chaps called Mark-Anthony and Marc, so maybe it’s just people with that name who want me to get Diabetes and die. Who knows? Certainly not me. I just work here, man.


I had to leave this with John French because we couldn’t get anything else in our carry-on luggage. The fucker has strict orders to send it at once.

We’ll see how that goes.

There was also this, which was just so rad.


Oh, and one last thing.

At one point Katie handed me a blank piece of paper, saying that a girl called Louise wanted me to write her a proposal for her boyfriend Gareth.

…no pressure.

This was by far one of the coolest things I’ve done in a long while. Of course, I handled this momentous endeavour with subtlety, professionalism, and – dare I say – a poetic flair for the silken art of romance.


They filmed his reaction, the next day!



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  1. The day that Shakes tucks *you* in for nap time may be approaching sooner than anticipated, Aaron.

    As an aside, I live in Arizona and must concur that C. L. Werner has a very impressive hat.

    Comment by Kyle Nguyen | November 20, 2017 | Reply

  2. Hi Aaron
    I live in the Bronx, NYC
    I am a big fan of your work, I’ll keep this short cause I am in the bathroom at my job, I read the black legion in under 4 hours when I picked it up at my local BN store, what an adventure to read!
    I love to read a book that Takes me away from reality for just a few hours and this book like your others does that to me, there is nothing like reading a good book by a warm fireplace (friends house) and having a comfy chair and a drink!

    Thank you and keep it up!
    Your buddy across the pond


    Comment by Robert Huertas | November 20, 2017 | Reply

  3. Hello, Aaron. You likely already know this, but most people don’t realize how old the Emperor’s shaman origin is or what book its from. “Realm of Chaos : The lost and the damned” starting page 174 – First edition Rogue Trader book published 1990 – it can be read as a pdf on Scribd, bought on ebay. eBay has real hefty prices for Realm of Chaos : The lost and the damned, so Scribd is cheaper. What do you think of the shaman origin? I personally like it, but its from First edition Rogue Trader fluff – so really old, original edition of 40k. I’m actually getting Realm of Chaos : The lost and the damned for Christmas – from eBay as its being shipped to my house.

    Comment by damned12345 | November 22, 2017 | Reply

    • That’s one of those things that I think you should honour by mentioning, but also refrain from setting in stone. I like it, and I like honouring old lore, but I also know that it’s not confirmed true and was never really 100% intended as fact, if you get me.

      Comment by Aaron Dembski-Bowden | November 22, 2017 | Reply

      • Apologies, don’t have italic on PS4 ( and can’t paragraph because of that ) .The shaman origin was mostly fact, but Realm of Chaos : The lost and the Damned is a very, very old book, First edition Rogue Trader, afterall. I wouldn’t take it very seriously. I don’t have a problem with Chaos being superior or a truly grave threat. Afterall, the reason why 40k is grimdark is not so much there are no good guys, but more because there is no hope. Chaos is superior and world-ending. I’d like to read a book you write where daemons and daemon princes do cartoony things inside the warp and Eye. Like Barrington J Bayley’s Eye of Terror novel where daemons grew larger than clusters, reshaped planets and stars into pink roses, etc. You like writing about Chaos, so I think It’d be great to see another Barrington J Bayley Eye of Terror type novel where Chaos does God-like things ( in the warp/Eye ) – already flexed the Emperor’s power with Talon of Horus novel ( Angels of Fire, the Emperor scorching hundreds of light years of planets and stars). I like how realistic you make your novels. The Emperor wants what is best for humanity, but he’s not really the good guy. Chaos is the supreme threat, but it’s not pure, absolute evil – it’s Lovecraft type of deities. Two more questions – what do you think the Emperor is doing in the 21st century, or was doing in ancient Greece? He’s really old and perpetuals like Oll Persson ( perpetual Ollanius Pius, or Ollanius Persson from Dan Abnett’s Know No Fear and Unmarked Mark of Calth ) are as old, or older than him. And what is your advice for me getting Realm of Chaos : The lost and the Damned for Christmas? eBay has hefty prices, but I want it. Thanks for your time, Aaron. Oh, a last thing – going by the Star child fluff from Realm of Chaos : The lost and the damned ( page 184 and on ), the Emperor can explicitly be corrupted by Chaos just like Horus. Same book that says “While the Emperor’s soul survived there was still hope for mankind.” – Apologies for paragraphing, PS4.

        Comment by damned12345 | November 23, 2017 | Reply

      • So what are your two cents? Have a great day, Aaron.

        Comment by damned12345 | November 23, 2017 | Reply

  4. Curious for your thoughts on Realm of Chaos : The lost and the damned 1st edition Rogue Trader book with the shaman origin. Good day.

    Comment by damned12345 | November 22, 2017 | Reply

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