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Cyrene & Argel Tal Artwork

Someone sent me this a couple of hours ago, prompting me to head on a very short Google search, for Noldofinve on Deviant Art.

I’m in love with this. It’s Cyrene and Argel Tal. It’s like… actually them. And it’s perfect.

It’s also now my desktop background while I write Betrayer, which is pretty apt considering where I’m at in the story, and what Erebus and Argel Tal are discussing. Ho, ho, ho…

It’s really, really, really strange to see your writing having an effect on people. In the handful of years since I started – I’m still pretty new to all this, remember – I guess I was prepared for some of the awesome comments online,  and the reviews, and the chatter at signings and conventions. That doesn’t devalue any of them, it’s just that all that stuff was easier to imagine because it’s considered a perk of the trade. (Incidentally, I’m often cripplingly uncomfortable and anxious at signings, and do my best to disguise it, so I don’t consider it a perk. I consider it terrifying.)

Same with minis of my characters – I’ve seen so many killer conversions of Talos and co. but you almost expect it, given the passion of readers and hobbyists, when there’s a nebulous realm of overlap between the two.

But actual artwork of my characters? Someone cared enough about my head-mess to capture them outside of converted plastic? Sort of mindblowing. And this perfectly captures the soul of those two characters, at least as I imagined it. On a similar note, I’ve seen tattoos people got based on my work, like, in a language I freaking invented. That’s terrifying, too.

But in a good way.

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A Few Things…

Excuse the relative drought of decent bloggery. Between my deadlines, Katie’s ever-swelling bump, and a mix of various meetings, stag nights, friends visiting and general chaos, I’m trying to squeeze as much time into getting some actual work done as I can.

Just wanted to chuck up a couple of things.

Firstly, thanks for the responses to the first chapter of Dear Fuchsia. I’d not expected so many, and I’d been considering for a long time whether to make them public or not. The fact I was going to write them wasn’t in doubt, but I hesitated to assume anyone else might be interested in them. There’ll be more in the coming months, and I hope you’ll continue excusing the tone: they’re not written for everyone (in fact, they’re only really written for one person), so thanks a bunch for not complaining that they’re not funny or don’t mention my work, or whatever. I appreciate it  a lot. This is my blog – and as writers we’re told how blogs are a necessary marketing evil, even if I barely pay attention to it – but it’s mostly my journal, and a place to spill my thoughts.

Secondly, about Games Day UK, I was there – but only “sort of”. I had one of my oldest friend’s stag nights the evening before, and showed up very late in Birmingham on the Sunday. Since my arrival was a last-minute agreement anyway, I didn’t have a poster or a pre-arranged signing queue. I did sign on the sly for about an hour, but I spent most of the day walking around the Black Library quad, and saying “I did that…” while pointing at Katie’s tummy. Curiously enough, I signed more books that day just by walking around and people saying “Wait, aren’t you AD-B?” than I did for my first Games Day when I was sat at the table all afternoon.

Thirdly, I got sent two things I thought some folks might like to see.

The first is a picture of Argel Tal, drawn by Shane Cook, who did my First Claw art a while back. Do I need to say this is badass? I think it speaks for itself. Suffice to say, I love it lots.

I have a special, not-work-related commission in the wings for dear ol’ Shane. A bunch of us are setting up for a 40K campaign next year, and I’m thinking about getting him to draw the Chaos teams’ warlords in a similar piece to the First Claw sketch, as a nice touch for the Red Team players.

The second thing I thought might be worth mentioning is that the cover art for The Emperor’s Gift was on show at Games Day, in the form of a massive poster. A photo of it is now doing the rounds on various forums, natch. Here it is, just for kicks:

I like it a lot, though not with the unashamed love I have for most of my covers. Part of my reservations are simple enough: Jon Sullivan’s Night Lords covers (especially Void Stalker) are practically unbeatable, and Neil Roberts’ Heresy covers are super, super, super lush. When you have those two guys doing your covers, anyone else has a lot to live up to.

That said, it rocks on toast. It’s by Cheoljoo Lee, who does a lot of 40K artwork for various major deals (like Dawn of War II), and did the beautiful Salamanders series covers to boot. For the record, Hyperion isn’t a Justicar. The tilt plate on his shoulder is artistic license.

I was asked a lot on Sunday whether The Emperor’s Gift was going to lead into a series. The popular plan was for it to be a trilogy or a duology, and we’d see where it led on from there. Due to various reasons, the novel’s ending up longer than expected, and about way more than was planned in the first volume. I’m not sure where I stand on the score of doing more after it – I have a lot of love for the Grey Knights, but they changed drastically in their latest iteration of the codex, and a lot of what I’d planned ended up vanishing into the void with the old lore. It’s not a huge deal, but for now I’m keeping The Emperor’s Gift as a single (big…) novel, with a “we’ll see how it goes” feel for the future.

And on that note, I really need to go do some writing.

I also really need to add tags to my blog at some point. Searching this thing is a fucking nightmare.

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