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The Road to Jove – On the road to relaunch…

Dearest Roadies,

About a month left before we kick The Road to Jove back into gear and resume our travels. The new website’s being coded, Chapter Two is being painted, the Patreon is safely frozen, and here’s my current Windows background (recently replacing the mighty Nagash):


And just in case you missed it, here’s the update vid:

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Aurelian Trailer

…and yes, it’ll be out in a non-limited edition format at some point.

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Video Interview with The Overlords

Because you guys can never see enough of my chubby hamster cheeks:

Joking aside, after the shy first couple of minutes, I think this is my fave video interview so far. Insofar as I ever tread closely to being interesting, I think this one offers some actual insight into the whole general writing/Black Library/my own writing deal.

A lot of Horus Heresy chatter in here, for the record.

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Age of Darkness Trailer

Go see, go see.


I think Graham wins this one. He gives sweet blurb, does McNeill.

For those who wish to know and may not recognise every face, the order is: Rob Sanders; John French; Dan Abnett; Gav Thorpe; Graham McNeill; Chris Wraight; Me; Nick Kyme; and Jim Swallow.

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An Interview!

With thanks as always to Laurie and Josh at Shroud Film for tidying my idiocy as much as humanly possible.


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