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Chuck’s Wisdom for Freelancers

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of killer people, and the unpleasure of working with some right goobers.

Chuck (Chuck Wendig, because I like to associate with other souls possessing weird-ass names) is practically the only thing I miss from my days of writing in the RPG industry. He remains now as he was then: raw, brutal, and too good for this world. He’s also something of an asshole, which endears him to me a great deal. I look upon him and think If I could write a screenplay for shit, then perhaps I would name thee Brother.

Anyway, today Chuck’s yarked out more of his usual wisdom, and this applies to all the scum and scummettes that mail me all the time, too.

Go away. Just… just get out of my face, and go here, because it’s the best thing you’ll read all day:


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