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The Master of Mankind – Preorders and Extract…

I believe you can now read The Master of Mankind’s prologue (and preorder that bad boy in eBook or Hardback) right here!

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40K Campaign (Part I: Kill Team) Trailer

Just a brief and super-simple teaser for my group’s upcoming 40K Campaign. Part One is called The Scavengers of Novus Tenax, and we’re starting off at 200pt. kill-teams, using the standard rules.

I realise my amateur and chimpish video editing won’t set the world on fire, but these things can be cool for setting a mood or theme for a campaign weekend. Hoping it inspires the players to get some painting done, too…

(Also, yes, I know I’m awful at updating my blog lately. I’ve been lazy and doing everything through Twitter and Facebook. My bad.)

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When Aaron Met David


Here’s the current page for The Road to Jove. Most days I’ll let the comic exist in blithe ignorance, and then occasionally it’ll hit me that it’s actually underway, it’s actually working, and things are – so far – going well. That we’re X pages in and neither of us have melted down or died (or melted down and then died), and that we didn’t plan it and abandon it; it’s actually, like, going somewhere.

That’s still surreal.

At this point David and I have been working together for about two years, with almost two novels’ length (just under a quarter of a million words in terms of word count) of planning and discussion about the comic’s direction, art, characters, and arc.

Earlier this month, we met face to face for the first time, at my birthday party.



Where, as you can see, it rained at the barbecue but I still forced the thinnest and most anaemic of excuses to wear my sun hat, because I was still in denial about being home from the holiday to Crete with Katie’s parents.

Please note, I’m sparing you boring family holiday photos. Aren’t you lucky.

Well, maybe just one. Here’s a selfie I took with Shakes at Knossos. I’m posting this largely because, again, I like that hat a lot.

Shakes didn’t like the ruined city at Knossos because, and I quote, “it’s ruined.”


Anyway, meeting David achieved also involved a sharpie and my RPG notepad in order to plan out the comic’s arc in more detail than before:


…and the second of which, just as crucially, involved me almost falling asleep on him at 2am in the tin… barn… thing… leftover from when this was Katie’s family farm instead of “that place we store firewood or whatever”.


Please pay special heed to my OH CANADA throw blanket, a gift from my cousin Lisa.

Fucking hell, my head was shiny.

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Peace Treaties

This happened at 5am. Guess what I told him to do with his peace treaty.


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Part 1! 

Part 2!!

Part 3!!!



You feel Barnabus, your faithful familiar, scratching his draconic ruff or his back spines or whatever, atop your hat. The vista of absolute and unparalleled devastation before you remains unchanged. Perhaps you feel a tremulous, tumescent rush of pleasure at the raw evidence of your might. Perhaps you feel a tingle of regret at, y’know, annihilating an entire settlement because someone raised their voice at you. I don’t know. I’m just the fucking narrator.

“It was like this when I got here, Barnabus,” you lie to your faithful baby dragon familiar. “I wouldn’t lie to you,” you add, lyingly.

Then, in a stunning twist of events, you actually tell the truth: “Also, yes. Here are some breadcrumbs.”

You pull a handful of breadcrumbs from one of your belt pouches, offering them up to the little lizard guy.

“Awesome,” he says, and begins chowing down.  “Thanks, chief. These are tasty. Shame about whatever to this place, huh? Do you think anyone lived here? I bet loads of people did, like, with families and kids and kittens and stuff like that. Maybe we should try to avenge all of them. You know, I bet those evil scargoyles did this! They’re proper knobs, those guys, so– Whoa! What the heck is that!?”

You turn, following your familiar’s reptilian gaze.

‘That’ turns out to be some sort of being. A large, powerful-looking creature cast in opposing shades of black and white, haloed by the rising sun, perhaps in some indication of divinity. Or maybe the ash from the recent destruction is clearing, and it’s just an animal in front of a sunrise. At this point, who even knows.



It regards you in either moronic dumbness or dignified silence.

“Look at that majestic fucker,” Barnabus enthuses. “Should we go see what his or her deal is?”




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The Road to Jove – On the road to relaunch…

Dearest Roadies,

About a month left before we kick The Road to Jove back into gear and resume our travels. The new website’s being coded, Chapter Two is being painted, the Patreon is safely frozen, and here’s my current Windows background (recently replacing the mighty Nagash):


And just in case you missed it, here’s the update vid:

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One month until Necromunda

And still a bunch of scenery to paint.

Tick, and indeed, tock.


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Just got this photo…



“On my snow leopard expedition deep on the Himalayan Plateau, I read Armageddon. Then I realize you were probably the only Black Library author’s having one of his book on the location of the Imperial City. Well, where it would stand in 32000 years. When I saw that bharal skull on the shrine, I thought your novel would made a nice addition. Hope you like it.”

— from a gentleman called Fred B. Raven, currently in India.


And may I just say: “…holy shit, that’s fucking awesome.”


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Shakes Plays Vermintide

(Apologies for the low volume. I no do technology good, apparently.)

Here’s Shakes playing Vermintide in a display of fairly terrible parenting by Yours Truly. I didn’t let him play long (the game is gore-tastic to say the least) but Katie was asleep, so I escaped disapproving bridal stares for a good few hours.

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I dones a video.

For all the Roadies and patrons, here’s that long-awaited Road to Jove video update we promised.


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