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Spear of the Emperor! (Totes on sale)

Hello and stuff.

So, in case you fancied getting the new novel several months in advance – the Limited Edition of Spear of the Emperor is on sale today, riiiight here on Black Library.com and also riiiight here on Games Workshop.com.

Go buy it. Or maybe don’t? I, Aaron, a mere human man, will not judge you either way.

Here’s a look at what’s in it:


Even though I’m usually cautious of Limited Editions, I have to admit… that’s a lot of stuff.

The full list of what’s in the Ltd. Ed. is as follows:

  • The novel (because of course).
  • An additional short story: ‘The First Primaris’.
  • An additional Afterword/outro.
  • A 16-page Index Astartes book, with some ace Jes Goodwin-approved artwork that shows the making of a Space Marine in new and sexy detail.
  • A transfer sheet that, as you can see, has the symbol of the Adeptus Vaelarii on it, as well as bunch of Spear icons, natch.
  • A Chapter Tactics rules card.
  • 3 art prints of some major characters.
  • A pin badge.
  • A purity seal / bookmark.
  • A metal coin that is weirdly and awesomely heavy.

Watch in awe as this becomes worth more than any of my novels on eBay in the coming years!


Brêac — Anuradha — Amadeus

If you’re curious about the author’s introduction to the novel, I posted that the other day, and it should hopefully enlighten y’all a bit about the process and the themes going on. For added kicks, here’s a Rapid Fire interview I did with Track of Words for the release today.

And once more, for those at the back, here’s the link to buy it.

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