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The Road to Jove – On the road to relaunch…

Dearest Roadies,

About a month left before we kick The Road to Jove back into gear and resume our travels. The new website’s being coded, Chapter Two is being painted, the Patreon is safely frozen, and here’s my current Windows background (recently replacing the mighty Nagash):


And just in case you missed it, here’s the update vid:

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The Road to Jove – Webcomic Teaser

You may remember this being mentioned as a project between myself and the artist David Sondered.

If you do recall me saying that, then well done. I congratulate you on your hale and hearty ability to remember things. You, sir or madam, are the best.

Here’s the December teaser image for our upcoming webcomic The Road to Jove. I was supposed to be patient and post this on Christmas Day.

I’m really not a patient person, so…




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