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The BLACK LEGION Cover Reveal (and Selfie Contest #2!)

Here it is, at long last (so please stop asking me to finish the Goddamn book, you heathens): the cover reveal for BLACK LEGION, out this August.


I think this cover conveys the most substantive, emotional quality yet, capturing the haunting and soulful aura of the artist’s intent, really brought to the fore through advanced techniques like how bits of the fire are still white – which at first can look like it was taking ages to use the filling tool in MS Paint, but is actually because of cool art reasons that normal, stupid people can’t understand.

There’ll be two alternate covers available in the unlikely event my publisher chooses not to use mine, one for the Ltd. Edition, one for the normal edition, seen here:



Some of you may remember the Selfie Contest from a few years ago(with its resultant heroic winners) – and yes, there will indeed be another one for the Ltd. Edition of BLACK LEGION, with prizes just as fucking fabulous as last time.

Just as before, I’ll announce the prizes on Twitter, but if you recall last time they were pretty special and not at all a waste of yours, mine, and everyone else’s time.

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