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Don't worry. None of this blood is mine.

Peace Treaties

This happened at 5am. Guess what I told him to do with his peace treaty.


August 18, 2016 - Posted by | Uncategorized |


  1. lol – was the answer ‘sure, I fully understand, sorry for any inconvenience’?

    Comment by Alex | August 18, 2016 | Reply

  2. I suspect the response was something suitably Orcish. A simple “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” would probably have done just fine.

    Comment by Kyle Nguyen | August 18, 2016 | Reply

  3. No allies? Man, you should beef up your diplomacy. Even Archaon has two. Anyway, as long as he’s willing to let you annoy the others, I guess that’s all right :p

    Comment by Al | August 18, 2016 | Reply

    • Sort of. I was trying a bit of a weird play-through, razing everything, only keeping the starting region and never spreading out, and making no friends. I’d declare war on everyone I met, etc.

      It was a lot harder that way – but also way more boring. It’s just endless razing of re-colonised Level 1 settlements that keep popping back up.

      Comment by Aaron Dembski-Bowden | August 18, 2016 | Reply

      • You’re giving a whole new meaning to ‘trustworthy’ đŸ˜€
        I’m still waiting for my first win after a few games with the dwarfs. I kicked Archaon’s bottom for the first time today so hopefully it will be blue sky until the end. The Old World was a terrific playground (mournful requiem). Good luck with your game, love your work!.

        Comment by Al | August 18, 2016

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