Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Don't worry. None of this blood is mine.



As First Wizard-Lord/Lady Prime of the BER SHINGLEY TOWER, your powers are great indeed. Mastery over the elements? Yes. Command of the weak-minded? Absolutely. The ability to manipulate time and space? Mhm, that too.

WAR HAS COME to the realm of KWAYDOR. The FREE RACES – elves and dwarves and whatever – have come to you, beseeching you for aid. “Help us, Great Lord/Lady” they cry.

With the rise of the DARK MASTER in a cardinal direction that categorically doesn’t imply the evil forces are analogous to a real world culture, the Free Races are forced to retreat night and day, beaten back from their freeholds and strongholds and dwarfholds and other locations of that nature.

They turn to you for salvation, for only you have the magical, mystical, sorcerous power to end the Dark Master’s reign of tyranny. You have the STAFF OF ILLIK, the ROBES OF THE FIRST WIZARD-LORD/LADY PRIME, and the LANTERN OF THE SUN GOD.


You are a great man/woman.

On the eve of battle, however… disaster strikes! You are betrayed! Shit!

One of your apprentices opens the tower-top battlement windows to minions of the GREAT ENEMY. Scargoyles, their stony hides forged of the very purest Dark Elementium, infiltrate Ber Shingley under cover of darkness. They delve deep into your sanctum, thieving away the SACRED JEWELS OF VORLAMAR.

Dawn rises over a bleak and hopeless day. Without the Sacred Jewels, what hope do the Free Races have? Those jewels were so important. And now a pack of scargoyles has escaped with them, fleeing through the MANY MISTS OF REALITY. Those cunts!

Your only choice is to give dignified chase, through gentlemanly magic rather than running like a peasant.

Reluctantly, you open a portal to pursue the foul creatures. Where will you emerge? What realms lie within the Many Mists of Reality?


Part 1: Arrival from Kwaydor

You (Zorbulon) emerge from the portal into a green, lush land. What world is this? You simply don’t know. You see dwellings on the horizon, suggesting intelligent life. You see trees, suggesting leaves and photosynthesis and stuff. The air smells quite nice. Fresh. You suspect this is no city. It seems more like the countryside.

A ROAD runs to the NORTH and SOUTH. Behind you is the MYSTICAL PORTAL, which closes as you bear witness. You possess the Staff of Illik, the Robes of the First Wizard-Lord’Lady Prime (hat included), and the Lantern of the Sun God even though it’s not illustrated above. You also have GOLD COINS x15 and TRAIL PROVISIONS x3.

Your HUNGER STATUS is: Fine, actually.

What do you do?

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  1. Wow, I haven’t had such an important decision to make since I … ummm… guess I never had to make such an important decision.

    Comment by dlood | July 17, 2015 | Reply

  2. Best. Friday. Ever.

    Comment by qui3tman | July 17, 2015 | Reply

  3. Must be new inventory and adventure in the dark wood…

    Comment by kyletta | July 17, 2015 | Reply

  4. My word. What have you done.

    Comment by Thomas Holdsworth | July 17, 2015 | Reply

  5. The woods! THE WOODS! I demand that we go to the woods!

    Comment by Matt | July 17, 2015 | Reply

  6. This is a fine pickle! I’m not sure about those trees though… Never trust a photosynthetic being!

    Comment by wizendturnip | July 17, 2015 | Reply

  7. This sounds similar to the Silmarillion

    Comment by megasolipsist | July 22, 2015 | Reply

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