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Maps and Apps

John French was over last weekend, for one of the hobby/work weekends we try to get in twice a year. This essentially evolved (devolved?) into what it always becomes, which is to say we spent most of the time discussing our current novels and working through various plot zigs and character zags.

He drew me a map to explain one of the narrative points he was making about the novel I’m working on right now, which is just supremely, beautifully ugly. Bonus points for doing it in chalk on one of our Deathwatch wound marker slates.


In other news, I did a free five-part short story for the Warhammer app this week, with one vignette going live every day. If you’re hankering for a little look in at what Talos, Cyrion, Malcharion and co. were doing when the Horus Heresy kicked off (and if you like free stuff) then download the Warhammer app and give it a look on either iOS or Android.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a map to follow.

If I can remember how to read it.

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