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The Road to Jove – In Crow Country

Just a heads-up in case you missed: The Road to Jove went online last Friday night.


The site’s very WIP at the moment, natch, but the prologue’s cover is up with the first three pages. For now we’re updating every Friday. Obviously that’s as slow as balls so we’re looking into ways of speeding that up, but even with a buffer zone of finished pages, well… David originally considered inking it – and it’d be way faster if he had – but we settled on painting it out in the end. The look of the painted pages was just too gorgeous to resist.

My comments under the first update cover all I need to say about the comic itself right now, so I’ll leave it at that.

In other news, I’ve been laid low by yet another fucking brutal cold manflu (thanks, beloved son) so I’ve not been at my desk much the last few days. Suffice to say I’ve gathered about 50 pictures for the next Tale of Five Heretics update, which – now that I can type again – I’ll post before the weekend.

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