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A Tale of Five Heretics: Red Team, Update #1

The Traitors (consisting of Eddie, Alan and Ead) have hobbied and lobbied about 16,000,000 times harder than me and John on the Loyalist side, meaning that in the absence of any Blue Team information, here’s a feature-length cavalcade of good juju from the Red Team.

Me and John have got to get into gear, or the Space Wolves and Blood Angels are going to have a pretty poor showing. Part of my problem is that I’m not all that keen on my test Wolves, and I keep wanting to use all their names in a Heresy novel instead of as army background. But mostly, it’s just that Eddie’s upset me because my Marines look shit. I’ll have to man up.

Here’s this update’s Contents List:

  1. Eddie’s Fallen Angels – including background text: “Caliban’s Wrath”.
  2. Alan’s Alpha Legion.
  3. Ead’s Iron Warriors – including background text: “Rakharyz Tactical Squad” and “Zhukar the Unyielding”.

First up, everyone’s favourite disgustingly talented asshole: Eddie Eccles of the First Legion, with his vile Fallen Angels that I’m not jealous of at all, and that don’t make me cry.

—   —   —

“It’s been a pretty busy month of Dark Angels hobby.

After furious hours of painting, twenty Knight-Legionaries and a Contemptor Dreadnought are complete and ready to kick ass and chew gum (and in the 31st millennium, shipping tithes and warp-storm interference has lead to an acute shortage of Legion approved gum).

Eddie's full army so far.

Eddie’s full army so far.

Is he even serious?

Venerable Brother Accolon.

Why is he doing this to me?

Accolon’s bsword ‘Caladbolg’, the Everblade of Al Baradad.

Jesus Christ.

First Sergeant Caradoc and his Inner Circle Knight-Legionaries.

I sort of hate him, and I know you do, too.

A close-up of the heraldic detailing all over Eddie’s hatefully perfect Dark Angels. 

Another picture of me hating Eddie.

The Knight-Legionaries of Squad Cadorius.

Just die, Edward.

Squad Cadorius – Close-up.

A level of detail that makes me despise Eddie all the more.

“Some chump. He doesn’t get a name. He gets a bolter and stands at the front of the unit. It’s best not to get too attached to them by giving them names.” — Eddie.

Even the hazard stripes have battle damage. Fuck off, Eccles.

Behind the scenes, there was some quite brutally polite (all very English and passive-aggressive) swaggering going on with Eddie guilt-tripping Ead into doing hazard striping for his Iron Warriors. Eddie achieved this by – of course – showing off how to do it better than any of the rest of us.


Squad Caradoc and Venerable Brother Accolon.

Ugh. UGH.

Anotehr shot of Squad Caradoc.


“While writing this, I’m not yet sure if the rest of the Heretical Five (that’s a rare Enid Blyton novel BTW) will have finished their pledges. My suspicion is that some of them may not have had such a productive hobby month as myself. Unlike them of course, I do not have the disadvantage of adoring children or a social life. As always, loved ones have proven a huge obstacle to productivity (unless they can be trained to assemble plastic kits and basecoat.)

I have to remember though, with this challenge, the hobby is only half the battle (the other half is knowledge as all good G.I.Joe fans know). I also have to come up with some awesome-cool background for my army, that goes beyond my usual fallback story of “Here are some Space Marines – fuck em up!”.

While in the hobby or gaming sphere, I feel i can hold my my own with the best of them, my writing credentials don’t hold up to much scrutiny (GCSE grade B!). I am, after all, in the company of a New York Times bestselling author, one of BL’s up’n coming stars, the man behind the quite excellent Horus Heresy Betrayal and Ead, who can also write words good.

Still, I will strive to do what I can. My hope is, that through spending considerable time amongst talented authors, some of their skill will have leached into me via osmosis. Much like pig-farmers inevitably smell of manure, and most nuclear scientists are slightly radioactive and sterile. It is, I grant you, a bit of a long shot.

You can read my background below, or you could just skip straight ahead and read Aaron’s much better background (which is kind of like a free HH novelette if you think about it (a novelette is created when a novel and a novella love each other very much))

So what’s next for the First Legion?

I’ve always wanted a Land Raider.

In the many Marine armies I have collected over the years, none of them have had a Land Raider and it’s high time that was rectified.”

406028_4851519279624_982407563_n 265114_4851518839613_1539094244_n


“I’m a big fan of the new Dark Angel 40k fighter with the mini-chapel on its back, and I wanted something similar for the Raider. I kind of see the Dark Angel tanks being extensions of their Order monastery-castles back on Caliban, so that’s what I built: a rolling fortress-church with the firepower of half a company.

(I know you can’t actually put the guns that it has on a Land Raider, but so what? you’re not the boss of me, I can do what I like.)

With any luck Arrogance’s Redoubt will be painted ready for the next blog update.

If I get the time, I might even look at doing some Terminator’s by next month as well.

Aaron asked me to slow down a little, but I’m just going to carry on painting even more stuff to make him look bad.(sorry Aaron). 

Until next time – Eddie.”

—   —   —

Caliban’s Wrath:

High Castellan Yvain paced the corridors of his ship. There was nothing else to do. Along the grand avenues of Caliban’s Wrath, his slow footfalls were heavy echoes in the reverential silence.

 Three months.

 Three months since the 25th Knights Company of the Dark Angels had last seen battle. If you could call it a battle.

Even pacification was probably to strong a word. The extermination a lost colony of humanity, clinging to an inhospitable rock on the wrong side of nowhere. They had refused to be enlightened, so they had been destroyed. The human inhabitants of Al Baradad had fought bravely, and against most invader’s that might have been enough. But against the Emperor’s Angels, the outcome was never in doubt. They had died to a man. Would he have done differently? If the Lion had opted for war against this new Imperium rather than brotherhood. Would he not have fought and died for his home? for Caliban? he knew the answer, and it did not sit well with him.

 Three months since that battle.

Not a bolt fired in anger or a foe to match blade against. The 312 Legionaries aboard Caliban’s Wrath kept busy as best they could: the training cages rang with the clash of black steel and distant echoes of the firing range could be heard across half the ship. Nothing outwardly had changed, but a dark foreboding had settled across the ship during it’s painstaking crawl back towards civilisation. 92 days of blindly stumbling through a turbulent warp until being spat out, time and again into the silent vastness of the void. Freak warp storms had made what should have been a simple trip back to Imperial space into a gruelling ordeal for the ships navigators.

 But the journey back from Al Baradad had not been without incident.

 While passing through the althorn cluster, the Wrath of Caliban has stumbled upon the crippled Ravenguard battleship Shadowfall. The Dark Angels had naturally offered aid to the  stricken vessel. In response, the Ravenguard ship had fired up its warp drive and made an immediate jump. Why the crew of a Legion ship felt that such action was necessary was a  serious cause for concern. A concern that several of his officers had voiced. He had no answers for them. Castellan Yvain had a horrible suspicion that not all was well in the Galaxy, but with the apparent inability of his astropaths to contact anyone who wasn’t standing on the same room as themselves, it didn’t look like he would have answers any time soon.

 The vox buzzed into discordant activity.


 The distorted voice of First Knight-Seargent Caradoc crackled to life in his ear.

Yvain reached a hand to his helmet-mounted receiver.

 “Report, brother.”

 “I’m in the Librarium. It’s the Archivist. I think you need to get here right away.”


 The Archivist was the longest serving member of the First Legion’s Librarian Corps. He was as old as anything could be in this new age, and his body was wearied as much by time as by the ethereal powers that had drained his vitality in exchange for the power of the warp. He seldom wore his armour out of battle, and instead adopted the simple robed attire of a scribe. His hair was long, a silvered main that framed a face as ancient as the rock of Caliban.

 All of this, Yvain had seen before.

But the screaming. That was new.

The Archivist pulsed with power. Two Knight-Legionaries were doing their best to hold him, but waves of invisible force buffeted everything around him, it tore books from their shelves, and sent servo skulls clattering across the room.

His eyes were fire. Golden orbs of psychic power that bled pulsar light. His voice was a void cry of despair.

“He’s been like this for ten minutes”

Knight-Seargent Caradoc addressed the Castellan as he entered.

Yvain strode over to the struggling Librarian. Caradoc moved in beside him, a hand wandering to rest on the pommel of his sword.

“Brother, what is happening to you?”

The Archivist turned his head jerkily to regard the Castellan. Slowly, the thrashing stopped and the screaming died away. He held the Yvain’s gaze with eyes that faded slowly from a solar flare to oceanic green.

Then he spoke, and his words were a choir. None of the voices were his.

“Hear me, brother.

Our Imperium is undone.

The Lion will fall, the sword will shatter and we will be lost.

The carrion’s call will bring death to us on wings of bone.

Let all loyal sons of Caliban return to her, and we may yet save her soul, and with it, our own.”

The Archivist’s head slumped and silence reigned, broken only by the ragged breathing of the ancient Librarian.

Seconds passed.

Knight-Seargent Caradoc was the first to speak.

“What was that about?”

Yvain regarded the unconscious figure of the Archivist.

“I do not know brother, but I think we need to get back to Caliban. Right now.”

—   —   —

—   —   —

So, that’s Eddie’s immense contribution. He has a lot more on the go than that Land Raider, but that can wait until next time.

Next in line is Alan, with his Alpha Legion. He’s less of a talker than Eddie. Alan, like me, is knee-deep in the dead, fighting back the Deadline Beast. It makes him terse and, dare I say, more heroic. More authorly.

He also has the fine excuse of screwing his arm up recently, and being busy at work on the next book in the Horus Heresy range, following on from Betrayal.


Terminator Harrow: Dagon Sigma.

Dagon Sigma

Another shot of Terminator Harrow: Dagon Sigma.

Nuran Lorne

Nuran Lorne, Master of Signal.


Alan’s been busy, as you can see. Alan takes bad photos, as – again – you can see. Alan paints very well, as you can’t see, due to Point #2.

Destructor Harrow: Calix Kappa

—   —   —

And to round things off with yet more shamefully significant progress, the mighty Ead (he of Forge World’s Minotaurs fame). He’s been Iron Warrioring like a boss, using these bad boys in some official playtesting, as well as getting a bunch of shit-hot thematic background text done, too.

Ead and Eddie are plainly kicking all our arses to heck and back.

Dreadnought Malbeus.

Dreadnought Zhukar the Unyielding, showing off his Kheres assault cannon’s heat bloom.

I'm in love with his mud effects. I feel no shame in admitting it.

The first Rapier of Digamma-Omicron-Zero-Mu Battery. “I’m chuffed with that guy’s grumpy face.” — Ead.

This tank seems killy.

Child of Thunder, Deimos-pattern Predator Executioner.


Child of Thunder, Deimos-pattern Predator Executioner.


Child of Thunder, Deimos-pattern Predator Executioner. “With hazard striping, just for Eddie.” — Ead.

Rakharyz Tactical Squad. These guys have their background plotted out – see below.

Rakharyz Tactical Squad: The I Tactical squad of the CMLXXXVIth Grand Company, Rakharyz Tactical Squad has long been a keystone of Warsmith-General Mitras’s battlefield success, and the squad has stormed ramparts and breaches both human and xenos alike in their Crusade to reunite the scattered fiefs of humanity.

Traditionally, the sergeant of Rakharyz eschews the more esoteric weapons of the Iron Warriors in favour of the trusted bolter, and the high-capacity box and drum magazines used by the squad are something of a signature. Their method of war is to obliterate the foe beneath a merciless storm of accurate bolter fire and a punishing advance, and while every shot is made to count, it is not uncommon for the members of the squad to expend thousands of rounds in any given engagement. The squad habitually refuses a Rhino, operating constantly at or close to their full strength of twenty battle-brothers through greatly-expedited implantation and hypno-indoctrination procedures, and the apothecarion’s grafting of augmetic limbs to charred stumps and replacing ravaged nerves with micro-fibre cabling. They embody the IV Legion’s doctrine of unyielding advance and concentrated firepower, breaching strongpoints and redoubts with their dogged stubbornness and brutal volley fire. The unforgiving nature of their chosen role means that few engagements end without injury to the brothers of Rakharyz. 

Their bloodiest undertaking was the destruction of the Nozhetarushi, the Technomancers; a human civilisation that unrepentantly made war against the CMLXXXVIth Grand Company and their Crusade fleet. Scattered across a handful of worlds, the Nozhetarushi utilised hideous and blasphemous technologies; machines guided by abhorrent intelligences that did not require symbiosis with man to operate. A long and brutal campaign ensued, and finally only a single world remained in the hands of the misguided Nozhetarushi. The Imperial Army cohorts of the 986th were scattered before the punishing firepower of the terrible sentiences that served as warriors, and with the line beginning to crumble, Rakharyz marched forward, bolters braced tight to shoulders. The massed fire of the Nozhetarushi flailed at them, casting Iron Warriors from their feet, yet Rakharyz took not a backward step; their fallen rose and took up their bolters in bloodied hands. As soon as they entered bolter range, a great volley rang out, many of the battle-brothers firing with a single hand due variously to the loss of their limbs, or the need to bear their wounded fellows. For over a kilometre of shattered ground, the squad advanced, firing a volley with each stride, their shells blasting apart the mechanical warriors that stood against them, until they stood even unto the heart of the last redoubt, the ruin of their foes smote upon the rubble about them in shards and rags both artificial and biological. Sergeant Zhestok himself, one arm torn from his body and his war-plate haning in shreds about him, planted the Aquila through the chest of the last lord of the Nozhetarushi, and declared the Technomancers destroyed. Eighteen members of the squad were rated unfit for combat following their assault into the breach, and it would be seven compliances before Rakharyz stood at full strength once more.


Spirodon Tactical Support Squad.


Venerable Brother Zhukhar the Unyielding, entombed within Ferrus Pertinax.

Zhukar the Unyielding: Brother Zhukhar stood alongside Centurion-Marshall Uborevich in the Emperor’s name, purging heinous agri-cults in the Nordafrik Conclaves and debased data-warlock tribes in the ravaged cities of the Francks, earning a reputation for unerring marksmanship, cold strategy and merciless humours.

When the Wars of Unification became the Great Crusade, the CMLXXXVIth Grand Company voyaged far from Terra and their Legion brothers alike, reclaiming world after world from the clutches of Old Night. They fought xenos predators and tainted petty-fiefdoms alike, and always did Zhukhar form the tip of the Iron Warrior’s spear, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tauromanch; matching his commander’s hammer blows with brutal firepower. Upon the benighted world of 15-986-22, the Iron Warriors stood against a nameless xeno-kind, strange creatures that took the forms of others to disguise their own, armed with beam weapons of an unknown design. The fighting was cruel and constant, and casualties were high, forcing the Iron Warriors to construct long chains of redoubts and fortifications to house their supplies and for their Apothecaries to minister to the wounded.

The largest of these was ringed with many-layered defences; bunkers and trenches in an impenetrable pattern, and it was here that Zhukhar’s command came under an attack in unprecedented strength. The xenos-breed seemingly ignored the defence lines, attacking directly into the central keep and seeking out wounded Space Marines with blasphemous vigour. Zhukhar ordered his brothers to withdraw, personally forming the rearguard and pacing steadily backwards. His rotor cannon burned red-hot with his ceaseless fire, and the alien beam-weapons inflicted terrible wounds upon him.

Zhukhar cared not and despite his torn flesh managed to overload the great antomantic arc-reactor that powered the keep, outnumbered hundreds of times over. The resulting blast engulfed the majority of the xenos force, and Uborevich the Tauromanch was able to isolate and destroy the remainder with ease. Zhukhar’s remains, blind and horribly rent, were recovered in the midst of the shattered keep and by some fluke chance life still burned in him.
The Contemptor-pattern dreadnought Ferrus Pertinax had recently been delivered to the CMLXXXVIth by the Mechanicum Forge-Barque that accompanied the fleet, and Zhukhar – already being called The Unyielding for his stubborn and uncaring defence – was entombed within it. The weapon he so often fielding in life was replaced with an early-pattern Kheres assault cannon, and restored, Zhukhar yet stands alongside his Centurion-Master in war undending.


He seems unhappy.

Centurion-Marshall Uborevich, named ‘Tauromanch’ for his brutal pogroms against the agri-cults of Europa and the Nordafrik Conclaves during the Unification Wars. Siege-Breaker of the CMLXXXVIth Grand Company.


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  1. Wow that Land Raider is pretty imaginative, like a mobile cathedral. Brilliant!

    Comment by Robert E. Langford | April 3, 2013 | Reply

  2. The painting on these miniatures is so glorious it drives me to tears. I look at these models, then I look at my own. Then I weep.

    Comment by Aron Hoskins | April 3, 2013 | Reply

  3. Those alpha legion .. glorious

    Comment by David Hunt | April 3, 2013 | Reply

  4. Really looking forward to those Wolves, Aaron.

    Comment by dcbrave | April 3, 2013 | Reply

  5. Those Dark Angels are seriously impressive, as are the Iron Warriors. I really dig the boarding marine guy, that’s got to be my favorite un-helmed head.

    Comment by Brooks Sligh (@ninjasuperspy) | April 4, 2013 | Reply

    • It’s from the new Ravenwing Command Squad, in fact. Awesomely angry-looking without being a shouty bald man 🙂

      Comment by Ead | April 4, 2013 | Reply

  6. Brother Accolon looks awesome!

    Comment by Gedrath | April 4, 2013 | Reply

  7. Wow great stuff all round, though I’m sure Eads rapier battery is an unreleased variant 🙂

    Comment by Bigglesworth | April 4, 2013 | Reply

    • It’s totally not, just a conversion 🙂

      Comment by Ead | May 29, 2013 | Reply

  8. I’m so jealous…

    Comment by shavenwookiee | April 4, 2013 | Reply

  9. S’awesome!!!

    Comment by KerriFitz (randombeasty) | April 6, 2013 | Reply

  10. Can’t go past an army with a good backstory!

    Comment by ethanreilly | April 7, 2013 | Reply

  11. Those are beautifully painted miniatures!

    Comment by Kuan Hua | April 11, 2013 | Reply

  12. Those Dark Angels are amazing! All that tile work. A man after my own heart. Also Alan’s Alpha Legion look pretty good so far as well. Wheres your stuff Mr.Bowden? Hmmm?

    Comment by Kevin S | April 12, 2013 | Reply

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  14. Love the post, the project and the minis, well done!

    I actually had the same idea for my DA Land Raider, but can’t seem to find a kit that suits for the chapel element. Does anyone know what Eddie used for his?

    Comment by Ryan | August 14, 2013 | Reply

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