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Photos from the 40K Campaign Weekend

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 1

The Alpha Legion’s unpainted Maulerfiend gets ready to absolutely destroy several more tanks, and make its way onto the Christmas list of every Chaos player in the campaign.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 2

A rather nice aerial view – with infinite thanks to GW Dublin for painting my board and all the scenery.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 3

Alan’s Adeptus Mechanicus out for their own goals, hiding behind a rather snazzy Aegis Defence Line in matching colours. Note the Baneblade sponsons/turrets on the  Land Raider’s hull, which are sick-awesome.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 4

Ross’s Grey Knights (oh, how I loathed fighting them) moving in support of Emma’s unpainted Eldar.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 5

John’s Night Lords and Cultists swarm forward. Not Pictured: Them dying mere minutes later.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 6

I learned a lot in this game. Here’s the one and only shot of my unpainted force: my Lord and Raptor Squad. Firstly, I learned that lightning claws don’t do shit against Terminator armour. Secondly, I learned that I hate playing Grey Knights. Thirdly, I learned that I felt really bad killing Ross’s Brother-Captain with two meltagun shots. Fourthly, I learned that I felt even worse when his Terminators came back the next turn and killed this unit so hard that even their kids felt the fall of the daemonhammers.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 7

Jon’s Imperial Guard preacher makes the rather foolish mistake of charging a Mechanicus Magos who has a chainsaw for a face.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 8

A very brave, very doomed lone Cultist preaches of Khorne’s glory to a passing phalanx of Grey Knight Terminators.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 9

While Chaos and the Eldar spazzed it out downfield, the Imperials actually go for the objective, trying to stop the Mechanicus from reactivating Greymantle’s planetary defence array. Thus, was the Mechanicus denied their shot to win the 4-way battle in a storm of orbital bombardment.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 10

Katie’s Shadow Wolves (purple) and Jon’s Imperial Guard hang out at the back with some unpainted Eldar.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 11

Alan Bligh, no doubt measuring how much pain that Dreadknight and Katie’s Assault Marines are about to hand-deliver to his front line.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 13

Another aerial shot. My fave.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 14

Katie’s Assault Marines bring down hammer-based pain to various Mechanicus leader-types.

Thracian Caul 'First Blood' Weekend - 15

The Painted and Unpainted alike wage war upon their plastic and resin brethren.

Last weekend saw the ‘First Blood’ phase of our Thracian Caul campaign, where about half the group gathered with 850pt. armies in a bid to get to grips with 6th Edition. I loved it lots. I wasn’t so big on 5th.

I’m mad-busy this week with my taxes; writing about the Black Templars; and building my games room in an old, outdoors farm building, so I can legitimately say “Gentlemen. To the Aaronorium.”

So please excuse the lack of any real content, or the narrative behind the campaign.

Army fluff (and army stuff) is incoming, but this isn’t a week for fucking around, so here’s a three-minute blog update to show that I’m not dead. Yet.

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  1. Looks great. I have terrain envy. Now you just need me to come take some half decent pictures of it all for you 😛

    Comment by Deva | December 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Half our armies were half-painted/unpainted, so we’re saving the decent cameras for next time. (There are actually two professional photographers in the group. True story.)

      Comment by Aaron Dembski-Bowden | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. No-one who is constructing an ‘orium’ to bear their name can be accused of fucking around. Carry on, sir!

    Comment by Von | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  3. Just received you latest novel in the post, all intentions of housework are out of the window. Some kind of domestic might break out. Worth it?

    Comment by Bigyin | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  4. did the grey knight terminators actually die? Or just proceed to march around dispensing the emperors justice unimpeded…with large hammers?

    Comment by Allen Frank | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  5. Best way to beat grey knights is to shoot them, and they deserve it because they’re so cheesy. To be honest though, he didn’t look like he was using the worst offenders out of the codex, so credit to him, and they look well painted!

    Also looks like a great game! Free-for-alls are fun too, you should try it out sometime in the campaign

    if you really want to beat grey knights in combat, go for your own terminators with power axes and combi-meltas they’re cheaper and pretty much designed to kill other terminators, they look bad ass too, vindicators also make a mess as well.

    Comment by Andy | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  6. Sweet. Looks like a rousing good game, ol’ boy.

    But wait, Mechanicus? Did you use rules from another force or *gasp!* are there Mechanicus force rules now?

    Comment by theredrenegade | December 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Most people play Mechanicus as a Counts As force for Tau or Guard, etc.

      That being said, there’s a tiny rules detachment for Mech units in the new Horus Heresy rulebook.

      Looks like a lot of fun, Aaron, good to see a return to the hobby.

      Comment by David | December 14, 2012 | Reply

      • It’s not really a return insofar as I never stopped playing Necromunda or collecting models, but yeah, good to be armying it up again.

        Comment by Aaron Dembski-Bowden | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  7. Actually, I managed to shoot down the Grey Knights without too much bother, it was Katie’s cheeky jump sarge that did the business and smashed the objective! 🙂

    Comment by Alan Bligh | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  8. Oh man I really wanted to see more on your army and the Night Lords! What shoulder pads does your Raptors use on the left arm? I noticed a difference in colour tone there.

    Comment by Forkmaster | December 15, 2012 | Reply

  9. […] As my 40K campaign grows ever-larger, I find it’s sprawling into this behemoth that almost defies discussion. Battle reports are tough to write out, because we’ve not played any traditional battles. Instead, the fights are a matter of ad hoc narrative deciding the game. Like 5 Chaos players all using a Lord and one squad as an ambushing strike to ambush the same 1-Commander / 1-retinue counterparts on the Imperial side, representing an assassination attempt as the Blue Team’s commanders gathered on neutral ground. Another of the battles involved the Eldar, Imperials and Chaos forces beating the snot out of each other downtable, while the Adeptus Mechanicus happily shelled all three forces from the objective zone. […]

    Pingback by A Tale of Five Heretics « Aaron Dembski-Bowden | January 18, 2013 | Reply

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