Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Don't worry. None of this blood is mine.





I’m 32 today! Join me on the journey towards the mighty 33, whereupon we shall:

  • Laugh Uproariously! As I try to lose 3 stone, and rediscover my cheekbones!
  • Giggle with Glee! As I try to finish Betrayer, write The Talon of Horus, and then start another Heresy novel!
  • Chuckle with Delight! As I try to get 1,000 points of Word Bearers and Traitor Guard painted!
  • Chortle with Wonder! As I try to pitch a series of monthly Crimson Fist stories to Hammer & Bolter!
  • Be Puked Upon! As I try to raise a baby into a toddler!
  • Make Our Mummies Proud! As I try to finish my first non-40K novel, which goes through new incarnations every time I get in a bad mood!
  • Grate on Everyone’s Nerves! As I use more exclamation marks in this one blog post than I have in over half a million words of text over the course of 6 novels!



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