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Alexander at 2 Weeks

Alexander is two weeks old. While our sleeping patterns seem irrevocably fucked (and I’m often so tired I forget my own name) things are starting to settle down.

I’ve started working again, which means the blog will go back to more work-based stuff and the usual ranting.

For now, to answer the plaintive cries of friends and family, here are some of eight million photos from Alexander’s first 2 weeks outside his tummy pod. Doctors and midwives alike are sick to Christ of my questions, now. “How long will his eyes stay blue?” “When do baby spots go away?” “Are you sure he’s not ginger?”

About a minute old, and hunting for boobies.

Two hours old, and yawning.

Two hours old; so begins the first nap.

One day old, and my first photo with him.

First week. Yet more sleeping. It's the only time he's still enough for me to take a photo.

First week. Blessedly asleep.

One week old. A rare occasion: sitting in his bouncy chair without wailing.

One and a bit weeks old, and half-asleep in my arms at 5am, while I try to finish the synopsis for Betrayer. Rogue Trader photocopies stuck to the wall behind.

Sleeping on Uncle Barney. Awwww.

Meeting Louise and Kev (Katie's cousin and her boyfriend).

Two weeks old. Managed to get him still enough for a single shot, which sounds unhealthily like something a sniper would say.

Just over two weeks old. This gives the impression he sleeps a lot, which is sadly not the fucking case.

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