Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Don't worry. None of this blood is mine.

Nothing Says “You’re having a baby girl…”

…like your mum sending you a huge box of baby clothes that she’s been buying, in preparation for grandmotherhood.

Booties! Pink baby booties!

Jesus, this is all getting a bit scary.

I mean, it’s funny, I can’t stop smiling most of the time. But it’s also scary. Once, I forgot to eat for over 24 hours. That bodes ill for parenthood.

But look at the booties!

What I like best is that it shows I’ve not trimmed my facial hair in over a month. Wait. How long? I think it’s only 2 weeks, now I think about it. Feels like longer. Whatever.


This was actually the second photo I took. The first one was ruined, because I heard our cat Loken meowing in that weird, wailing way that sounds like a FUCKING BANSHEE OUTSIDE HOWLING MY NAME.

“Aaaaaaaron… Aaaaararararararrrrrron…”

For the record, here’s the first one.

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